Education Compaign for Girls in Dilla and Magaalocad, Awdal Region

Global Partenership for Education is coalition of network organizations at global level which invests on education particulary promoting girls’ education. SOLNEFA being part of the coalition and representing Somaliland LNGOs that involve in education has taken bold steps to implement this project across somaliland Regions with colloborative efforts of the Ministry of Education. LNGOs are usually the main parteners of SOLNEFA and provide significant hand during undertaking Mass Education Compaigns in rural areas.

As planned, SOLNEFA in collaboration with Regional Education Office of Awdal Region and AYODA, a local NGO that works in the sector of education organized and conducted public awareness advocacy campaigns in Dilla and Magaalocad.  First, the awareness was conducted in Dilla 16/05/2017. Community Development Committee, Committee for education and Parent Committee including other members of Dilla community participated in the activity. The second day, 17/05/2017, the same activity was conducted in Magaalocad.

The main purpose of the activity was to increase the awareness of girls’ education particularly access to free education and improving quality of their education. Girl’s education is a global issue that has been addressed in Somaliland likewise.
All participants and the other stakeholders of this project acknowledged the importance of education girls and clearly mentioned that the project would improve quality of life for our people. The REO and representatives of SOLNEFA and OYADO mention their remarks on this activity by underling the importance of girls’ education in families and communities as a whole.